Trading on margin products involves a high level of risk

FXPRIMUS offers a range of Energy instruments to its clients all around the world, allowing our traders to trade Crude oil, Natural gas, Heating oil, Ethanol and Purified terephthalic acid. Energy trading involves the act of buying, selling and moving of bulk energies from where it is produced, to where it is needed.

Advantages of Trading Energies with FXPRIMUS

Trade Any Time Anywhere
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Energies Expiration & Margin Information

Instrument Size Margin Required
For 1.0 Lot
Lot Size
Pip Value
Per 1.0 Lot
Avg. spread
ECN (will fluctuate)
GMT Meta time Future
Contract Months
USOIL1000 barrelsUSD1, = USD10200:00-21:00 M-T, 00:00-20:45 F03:00-24:00 M-T, 03:00-23:45 FAll Months
UKOIL1000 barrelsUSD1, = USD10200:00-21:00 M-T, 00:00-20:45 F03:00-24:00 M-T, 03:00-23:45 FAll Months
USOIL.sp*1000 barrelsUSD1, = USD10422:00-21:00 M-T, 22:00-20:45 F01:00-24:00 M-T, 01:00-23:45 F
UKOIL.sp*1000 barrelsUSD1, = USD10500:00-21:00 M-T, 00:00-20:45 F03:00-24:00 M-T, 03:00-23:45 F

*For Spot Oil (WTI & Brent) there is a daily storage fee which will be charged to all Swap and Swap-Free accounts.

2018 Anticipated Expiration Dates

The Expirations of CFD on Oil and Copper and DXA will occur on the dates shown below (actual dates may vary). Please note that all the below CFDs and CFD’s on Equities (with the exception of Gold, Silver and Oil) are considered day orders. A day order is a pending order that is good for that day only. If the limit or stop order price of the pending order is not met during the trading session, it will be canceled at the end of the day.

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Risk Warning: Trading in margin products involves a high level of risk , which may result in the loss of all invested capital.
Risk warning: Your capital is at risk.
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