Unprecedented Fund Safety


The best traders in the world need peace of mind to make winning decisions, and so should you.

FXPRIMUS lets you trade with unprecedented assurance and security. We take enormous measures to make sure your funds are handled in the safest way possible. Guaranteed.



Even though you are a retail trader, you get institutional hedge fund style protection:

1. All Segregated Customer Accounts are Independently Administered by NinetyEast Group.
2. A Trust Account Option Regardless of Your Account Size.

No one else in the industry gives you this level of protection.

How We Safeguard Your Funds:

As traders ourselves, we understand your concerns with respect to the safety of your funds. Many clients have been victimized by brokerage companies shutting down either due to compliance issues or to misappropriation of funds.

For the most part, clients are put in the precarious position of being forced to "trust" that their brokerage company is treating funds ethically and responsibly.

We decided that our customers and partners deserve something better.

1. All Segregated Customer Accounts are Independently Administered
    by NinetyEast Financial Group.


We are the first retail brokerage in the world to contract an independent third party fund administrator to monitor the flow of client funds. Our administrator is NINETYEAST FINANCIAL, who administer over USD1 billion in funds from offices located world-wide.

NINETYEAST FINANCIAL also act as signatories to all client segregated accounts and any funds leaving the client segregated account must first be approved by them.

While this is a costly service for us to provide, we feel that we not only owe it to our clients, but also see it as a significant competitive advantage for our company.


Here Is How The Process Works

During account funding, NinetyEast Financial approves all funds sent to third party bank liquidity providers. NinetyEast Financial also vets all agreements and Know Your Customer (KYC) documents of third party bank liquidity providers.

NinetyEast Financial also processes all withdrawal requests. FXPRIMUS submits all Know Your Customer (KYC) documents (passport, etc.) and trade reports of clients to NinetyEast Financial for verification and clearance.

The diagram below illustrates what happens when you fund your account and when you withdraw from your account.



2. A Trust Account option regardless of your account size.

The New Gold Standard in Customer Fund Security


The days of needing a USD250,000 account to benefit from Trustee services are officially over. NinetyEast Corporate (Mauritius) Limited representing the NinetyEast Financial in Mauritius ('NinetyEast Financial'), a global fiduciary service provider with over USD1 Billion under administration, has agreed to provide FXPRIMUS and its customers with exclusive Trustee services.

Funds held in the FXPRIMUS Trust Account are completely segregated from the assets of FXPRIMUS. These funds are held by an independent custodian Trustee, NinetyEast Trustees (Mauritius) Limited at world renowned Barclays Bank. This unique arrangement allows you to fund your account through the Trustee, providing you with the assurance of knowing your funds are 100% safe and secure.
Click here to view the Trust Fact Sheet (191KB PDF).

How To Upgrade to FXPRIMUS Trust

To choose FXPRIMUS Trust, simply log in to your Member's Area and choose the FXPRIMUS Trust option. Upon receipt of your selection, a one-time fee of USD50 will be deducted from your existing trading account or for new customers, USD50 will be deducted upon receipt of initial funding. Within 24 hours (1 business day) you will receive e-mail notification from NinetyEast Financial with all applicable Trust documentation.

We view our Trust Accounts as a breakthrough in the Forex brokerage industry, and are very proud to offer it to all our customers, regardless of their account size.

Protect your trades with the safest methods in the industry for ensuring the security of your funds.


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