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Daily Market Report for 2 September 2014: India Could Pick Up the Slack from China
Economic Insight Chinese economy remains firm in 2H The overall economic environment still looks attractive as the economy is still in...Read More
Market Brief of the Week for 1 September 2014: Bad News from Europe to China
Economic Insights Europe’s economic outlook does not look good. According to the European Union’s statistics office in Luxembourg,...Read More
Daily Market Report for 27 August 2014: Any Further Yuan Gain Could Be Limited In the Near Term
Economic Insight Where is Yuan heading towards at the end of year? In near term, the currency may need to weaken before it edges higher...Read More
Daily Market Report for 26 August 2014: U.S. Equities & Dollar Cut backs the Gains on Slowing Housing Data
Economic Insight U.S. Equities and its currency dropped as traders started to digest Yellen's previous speech in Jackson Hole The pace...Read More
Market Brief of the Week for 25 August 2014: Yellen Steps forward While Draghi Steps Back Won’t Favour the Euro-Dollar Situations
Economic Insights The message Yellen conveyed had probably disappointed the doves Yellen was not so dovish in Jackson Hole last...Read More
Daily Market Report for 22 August 2014: A Guide to the Jackson Hole Day
Economic Insight Janet Yellen is the key focus today, while it will be Mario Draghi tomorrow The hawks were the first to be focused on...Read More