5 Market Movers to Look Out for This Week – 19/7/21

5 Market Movers to Look Out for This Week – 19/7/21

By Mateo Jarrin Cuvi

Earnings reports season is in full swing this week with different tech, communications, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, and financial companies presenting their results.

Plus, the ECB will release its latest interest rate and monetary policy statement, one that could rock the Euro.

Check out below what’s on deck for you to trade!


Let’s Trade Tech!

Earnings reports season has kicked off with a bang!

Now it’s time for you to follow the Q2 results for many of your favorite tech companies.

Generally speaking, the tech sector has been booming since early 2020 and there are no signs this locomotive is about to stop.

Three favorites are on the deck this week for you to trade: Netflix, Twitter and Intel.

Netflix has more than doubled the price of its shares since September 2019, going from about $260 to over $540 as we speak. Our best guess is that the pandemic forced plenty of people to sign up and watch Friends reruns and La Casa de Papel to make time pass.

Similarly, since March 2020, Twitter (your truly’s favorite social media tool!) has tripled its share price, moving from a scant $23 to almost $70.

On the other hand, Intel Corporation has been fluctuating quite aggressively between $40 and $70 during the past year, consolidating for now near the $55 mark.

Here’s a useful list for you to keep track of this week’s three tech announcements and expected EPS and help guide your trades:

Who: Netflix
Day: Tuesday, July 20
Time: 8:00 pm GMT
EPS: $3.15

Who: Intel Corp
Day: Thursday, July 22
Time: 8:00 pm GMT
EPS: $1.06

Who: Twitter
Day: Thursday, July 22
Time: 8:05 pm GMT
EPS: $0.07

Make the most of these opportunities!


More Earnings Reports Fun for You

And there are not only tech companies for you to trade this week.

We’ve also got pharma, communications, financial and oil and gas companies on deck!

Your non-tech earnings reports lineup for this week:

Who: Johnson & Johnson
Day: Wednesday, July 21
Time: 10:30 am GMT
EEPS: $2.27
Note: On the back of its successful COVID-19 vaccine and shampoos that don’t make babies cry, Johnson & Johnson’s expected EPS, if confirmed, would mean a year-over-year growth of 36.5%. Revenues should also be 21.5% higher than they were a year ago and sit nicely at around $22.3 billion.

Who: Verizon
Day: Wednesday, July 21
Time: 11:30 am GMT
EEPS: $1.29
Note: Will the telecommunications giant’s streak of beating earnings expectations continue in Q2 2021? In the last two quarters, Verizon has exceeded estimates by an average of 2.93%. According to Yahoo Finance, “Verizon currently has an Earnings [Expected Surprise Prediction] of +0.57%, which suggests that analysts have recently become bullish on the company’s earnings prospects.”

Who: Schlumberger
Day: Friday, July 23
Time: 10:50 am GMT
EEPS: $0.26
Note: The world’s largest oil and gas services company is expected to surpass its estimates once again after topping them by an average of 16.37% during Q4 2020 and Q1 2021. The French giant currently has an Earnings ESP of +4.48%, which shows it’s moving in a bullish direction.

Who: American Express
Day: Friday, July 23
Time: 11:00 am GMT
EEPS: $1.58
Note: Like Verizon and Schlumberger, Amex has performed admirably well during the past two quarters, exceeding expectations by an average of 21.63%. With the reopening of many economies and consumers having plenty of savings to spend, travel and tourism may receive a much needed boost, which in turn is good for a company like American Express.

Let’s make it count!


Silence Please! The ECB Speaks

The European Central Bank (ECB) will issue its latest interest rate and monetary policy statement on Thursday, July 22 at 11:45 am GMT.

Why should you be concerned?

Well, the ECB has recently set a new inflation target, allowing it to overshoot 2% and push inflation expectations a notch higher.

In a statement a couple weeks ago, ECB President Christine Lagarde said: “We know that 2% is not going to be constantly on target, there might be some moderate, temporary deviation in either direction of that 2% and that is okay. What we are very concerned about is any sustainable, durable, significant deviation from the target and that will require forceful action.”

This marks one of the first major changes in key monetary policy in decades, so the ECB’s statement should be one to monitor and use to trade EUR!


Let’s Manufacture a Trade or Two

We’ve got a PMI duo for you to trade with on Friday, July 23.

Below are their details:

What: EU Flash PMI
Day: Friday, July 23
Time: 7:30 am GMT
Instrument: EUR
Note: Last month, the EU recorded its fastest pace of business growth in over 15 years. EU PMI came in at 59.2 on the back of vaccine rollouts, the reopening of the local economy, and growing consumer confidence. Will the EU manage to keep this pace going or will the Delta variant muddle things?

What: US Flash PMI
Day: Friday, July 23
Time: 1:45 pm GMT
Instrument: USD
Note: Like in Europe’s case, US PMI increased for the fourth month in a row, hitting its highest-ever recorded level at 62.6. Manufacturing’s strength in the country seems to confirm the experts’ expectations for double-digit growth in Q2. Still, issues remain as supply hasn’t been able to catch up with demand due to uncompleted work backlogs and rising prices for raw materials and finished products.

Time to trade EUR and USD!


Shopping Does a Body Good

Another double for you to trade on Friday, July 23!

Retail sales for June for both Canada and the UK will be released, making it a prime opportunity for you to trade CAD and GBP.

What: UK Retail Sales
Day: Friday, July 23
Time: 6:00 am GMT
Instrument: GBP
Note: Retail sales fell in May in the UK as consumers frequented restaurants and pubs more often following a loosening of the lockdown restrictions imposed to curtail COVID-19. Retail sales dropped by 1.4% with food stores suffering the biggest hit with a 5.7% drop. Is the same in store for June?

What: Canada Retail Sales
Day: Friday, July 23
Time: 12:30 pm GMT
Instrument: CAD
Note: The pandemic’s third wave slammed Canada’s retail sector, leading to a 5.7% and 3.2% drop in April and May following an increase in the restrictions aimed at stopping the virus’ spread. More of this scheduled for June or will things improve for Canadian shoppers?

Let’s do this!

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