Thank you for your email informing that I am the champion of the Trading Titan Competition.

I have traded with many international brokers and also participated in many trading competitions, but I must say the Trading contest of FXPRIMUS is professionally organized providing opportunities for worldwide traders to participate. I am so honored to become the winner of the Trading Titian Competition by FXPRIMUS and I want to thank you FXPRIMUS for hosting this competition.

During the competition, I didn't think that I would become the champion. But for a few last days when I was in the second position, I thought that I could achieve the higher position if I tried my best. This is the most tense period of time that I have never been through before. At the very last day of the competition, I stayed all night (in Vietnam time) and all the efforts were paid off and I knew that I have won the competition.

On the other hand, I also think that luck was on my side since other competitors didn't make any big gains in the percentage for the last few days of the contest. This was a precious opportunity for me.

Once again, I want to send a warm thank to FXPRIMUS for creating this competition and other contestants to participate. This is such a golden opportunity. I hope FXPRIMUS will organize more trading contests in the future so that traders around the world will have a place to showcase their talents.

Thank you and warm regards



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