FXPRIMUS is making a move this November and supporting Movember, Cancer Awareness!

FXPRIMUS is pleased to share with you its latest Corporate Social Responsibility initiative in which it will contribute and spread awareness for Movember. 'Movember' is an annual event which combines the words ‘November’ and ‘Moustache’, it is an aid for raising awareness for the prevention of cancer specifically in men.

Make your move, spread the word with the FXPRIMUS grow your network challenge!

Let us tell you more:
The FXPRIMUS Refer a Friend Programme rewards you with up to $100 Trading Credit every time you refer your friends to FXPRIMUS, all they have to do is open a live trading account with us and you get a bonus! For an added incentive the FXPRIMUS grow your network challenge is rewarding the highest referring client with an Apple iWatch®.

Find out more here: FXPRIMUS.com/Movember

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