FXPRIMUS Live Trading Forum

Trade live with our Technical Research and Market Analysis expert!

  January 25, 2019

  15:00 – 20:00

  Sofitel JBR, Dubai


Trade live with our Technical Research and Market Analysis expert!

FXPRIMUS will be holding its second Live Trading Forum this upcoming January, in Dubai, UAE. Attendees will journey through a concise, yet in-depth educational programme, benefitting from expert insight into trading techniques.

As the Live Trading event kicks off, traders will be provided with temporary Live Accounts, credited with $500, and then placed into teams. This exclusive live event presents the opportunity to trade & learn as a team while having access to an expert in the field, while all attendees will be able to withdraw their profit!

We’ll be comparing the performance of all teams, and all traders in the winning team will take home their profits, as well as extra prizes! We’ve also added a refer a friend twist… Get one of your friends to register and receive exclusive extra benefits for your trading!


  • Enhance and diversify your forex knowledge.
  • Expand your technical analysis skill set by collaborating with your team.
  • Get acquainted with advanced Technical Research and Market Analysis.


15:00 – 16:00


Introduction to Forex and the Financial Markets

16:00 – 19:00


Live Trading Workshop

19:00 – 19:30


Winning Strategy Analysis & Presentation

19:30 – 20:00



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  1. The maximum participants will be 80 people
  2. To be eligible to participate, each person should have a live approved and active account with FXPRIMUS with at least one of the below criteria:
    • • A minimum of USD 500 deposit
    • • A balance of USD 5,000 and above
    • • A total deposit of USD 10,000 and above
    • Or a new referred friend with at least $100 deposit (it is required that your referred friend will participate in the event), in addition to 1 of the below:
    • • A minimum of USD 250 deposit
    • • A balance of USD 2,500
    • • A total deposit of USD 5,000
  3. Each participant including the referred friend (if any) will receive a “contest” account with a one-time $500 credit.
  4. The contest will start at 16:00 Dubai Time and end 18:00 Dubai Time
  5. Maximum trade size is 1 lot per ticket
  6. Maximum number of trades that can be open at the same time is 5
  7. Each participant must open/close at least 30 positions. Each participant must trade at least 5 different currency pairs or Gold
  8. Hedging with another participant will disqualify both participants
  9. Trades left for more than 30 minutes open will not be counted. Trades left less than 5 minutes will not be counted. Winnings from these trades will be cancelled
  10. The traders will be divided into groups of 8 traders each
  11. At the end of the contest, every person with a positive balance will be a winner
  12. At the end of the contest, the traders who belong to the group with the highest positive balance will receive a prize equivalent of the balance of the group divided amongst them
  13. The maximum winnings FXPRIMUS will reward all clients collectively, is USD 10,000
  14. The maximum winnings a participant can withdrawal is USD 3,000, in accordance with clause #13
  15. Within 10 business days, the winnings will be transferred to the live trading account of the participant, where the participant can trade or withdraw his winnings


Ioannis Gerousis


Ioannis Gerousis


With 10+ years experience in Technical Research and Market Analysis, Ioannis is a mathematically minded strategist with exceptional knowledge of the financial markets. As a multilingual expert, Ioannis has provided countless educational seminars, about the application and use of charts and indicators. Ioannis works directly with the FXPRIMUS risk management team, developing his already extensive knowledge of mitigating risk, client protection and market volatility.


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