Partners of FXPRIMUS share our philanthropic values via our charitable arm FXPRIMUS GIVING

Jan 27, 2017

One of our successful PAMM Masters has generously donated to the sponsorship of 6 children with the World Vision charity – a children’s charity which supports the development of the children to provide education, food and sanitised water. The donation has been made via FXPRIMUS Giving - the charitable arm of FXPRIMUS which represents the values that we stand for.

This donation coincides with the oncoming of Chinese New Year, where it is customary to share with the less fortunate in order to bring good fortune to your family and loved ones.

Trading on margin products involves a high level of risk

The donation is made by Our PAMM Master ‘Gold Rush’. Read below his philosophy and click here to follow his success and learn more about PAMM

Money is a very powerful energy that needs to be used wisely. This powerful energy can change our life for better and it can also be shared with others in needs. Even though we are unable to save and help everyone on this planet, but hopefully this will be able to ease their burden and lift their world.

There is more happiness in giving than receiving. Gold Rush would like to encourage other traders to share the joy by allocating some of profits made in trading to the less fortunate. Hopefully when Gold Rush makes more profits in future, he will be more than happy to give more back to society.

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